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The California State Railroad Museum Library became the recipient of a large portion of the official records of the Southern Pacific. The Library welcomes reasonable requests for information. The email address for the Library is . We appreciate the opportunity to publicize their wonderful work.

This index covers Volumes 1 through 5 of the Society's Southern Pacific Passenger Car series. It may be used as a finding index to locate a specific car and the particular volume of the series in which that car is discussed. Prepared by John Carrol, Jeff Cauthen and Jack Herris.

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5000-5999 | 6000-6999 | 7000-7999 | 8000-8999 | 9000-9999 | 10000-10999

Selected pages from the 1960 SP Rulebook. Learn the correct terminology, see signal indications and their names, learn the difference between train indicator lamps and markers and see how they were used.

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A compilation of essentially every book and booklet about the SP and its related subsidiaries. Listed alphabetically by title.

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