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In my quest for knowledge about the Southern Pacific Railroad, I have come across and lost many SP related web pages.

This page grew out of my desire to have a single source page for all of the links I could find.

I will keep it as current as I can, but no promises!

A Working List of Books and Booklets on the Southern Pacific and Related Subsidiaries

My list of every SP book and Booklet that I know about.

David Coscia has put together a list of videos on the Southern Pacific and its subsidiaries.

Southern Pacific Railroad Releated Web Pages

Online Images

Mt. Lowe (and the Pacific Electric to Mt. Lowe)

Online and "Brick and Mortar" Museums

Pacific Electric (exclusive of Mt. Lowe)

Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Sites

Southern Pacific Structures and Stations

MiscellaneousModelingRailcams on Ex-Southern Pacific Lines

I am not an expert on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Chances are I can not answer your question, but

you can E-mail me at

if you want to.

I do not have access to any employee records, nor do I know how to access them.
Questions regarding employee records are not responded to.

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