Society Organization

The Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society is recognized as a non-profit educational organization under IRS section 501(c) (3). Members of the Society elect its Board of Directors, which in turn elects the Officers. Except for the President, there is no requirement for an Officer to be a member of the Board of Directors. This enables the Board to find the most qualified person available to serve as an officer of the Society. The Board sets out the general policies of the Society, and the Officers are charged with carrying out these policies.

View a list of all past officers and board members here.

Board of Directors

The Board consists of nine Directors, who serve overlapping three-year terms. Officers of the Society are elected annually by the Board. The present members of the Board, with their term expiration dates and their director assignments, are:

Name Email Expires Assignments
Edwin Hall 2018 President
Ken Harrison 2018 Publications Director
Scott Inman 2017 Newsletter Editor, Convention Liaison, Modeling Director
David Coscia 2017 Archives Director
Tony Thompson 2018 Website Director
Fred Hill 2017 Director at Large
Joe Strapac 2018 Director at Large
Andrew Novak 2016 Director at Large
Ron Parks 2020 Director at Large
John Ruehle 2020 Director at Large

Officers and Staff

The current Officers and Staff of the Society, as elected by the Board, are:

President Edwin Hall
Vice President Scott Inman
Secretary Andrew Novak
Treasurer Gerry Feeney
Editor-Newsletter Scott Inman
Editor-Trainline John Signor
Business Manager Chris Karasek
Archivist Joe Strapac
Webmaster Danielle Rose

Mail addressed to any Director or Officer may be directed to the Society's address:

1523 Howard Access Rd Suite A
Upland, CA 91786-2582

Email questions about membership, subscriptions and other Society business may be directed to our .